Certification and quality

With more than 10 years of international experience, Eticwood’s team places particular importance on the traceability of forest and agroforestry products, in order to ensure their quality at any stage of the process. To this end, Eticwood is constantly developing and improving its EticLog® and EticSource® applications to facilitate and optimize this traceability, whatever the context.

Our services also cover the implementation of Legality Verification Systems (LVS) for wood, the conduct of due diligence audits and the support of forest and agroforestry operators or industries in their certification processes.

Certification and Quality Services

Traceability systems are used to provide information on the journey of wood or agroforestry products from the forest or producer, through storage and transport, to the consumer.

These systems allow for the verification that the raw material of the products comes from legal, responsible or otherwise acceptable sources, and to know the exact history of the product.

Eticwood assists its clients in organizing their operational activities and advises them on the most appropriate technologies for recording field information, designing their databases and analyzing production data.

In this sense, Eticwood has developed 2 business solutions: Eticlog® and EticSource® in order to ensure easier inventories and the traceability of your forest and agroforestry products in an ergonomic and coherent way.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Eticwood team for a precise diagnosis and to allow us to suggest you the product adapted to your needs!

Eticwood supports forest administrations in the development of their Legality Verification Systems (LVS) and timber traceability control, especially in the framework of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Our experience in the implementation of the EUTR and FLEGT-VPAs makes Eticwood a partner of choice for producer countries, institutions and private timber compagnies.

In our view, verifying the origin of a product is more than an eco-responsible approach, it is a civic duty!

Due diligence is a mean of identifying and eliminating the potential negative impact on humans and the environment throughout the product chain.

In the context of importing wood, agroforestry or spice products, Eticwood implements due diligence audits for its public and private buyers. Our services cover all stages of the procedure: contacting suppliers and actors in the supply chain, collecting, centralizing and analyzing all the required documents until an impartial and exhaustive report is produced. This report then becomes a real risk management tool for our clients wishing to respect their civic commitments.

Certification is the best way to promote not only its products, but above all to promote and disseminate the company’s compliance with a set of economic, social and environmental commitments to its customers.

All certification standards, in addition to the compliance with a set of legal and socio-environmental principles and criteria, require the implementation of a chain of custody. The latter allows to prove the control of the production or the supply of raw materials, but also the complete follow-up of the products until their transformation and marketing.

Eticwood provides a range of services for its customers who wish to become certified or improve their current level of certification.

These services include :

  • Support for Forestry (FSC, Controlled wood, OLB, PAFC Legal source), Agroforestry (RainForest Alliance, Fair Trade…) and Chain of Custody (FSC 100%, FSC Mix, PAFC, OLB) certifications according to the expectations and context of each operator. As part of this support, Eticwood can also provide on-site and remote training on all aspects of these certification standards.
  • Carrying out exhaustive diagnoses in the forest, in the field or in the factory, leading to the production of precise reports containing a wealth of advice on how to resolve the discrepancies identified or improve our clients’ level of control.
  • Personalized support in the development of pragmatic, relevant and applicable procedure manuals covering all areas of certification, from legal monitoring to monitoring and evaluation, including responsible management, HSE, internal and external social issues and the chain of custody.
  • The implementation of monitoring and assessment programs (control sheets, definition of monitoring indicators, etc.) as well as databases for the compilation of results and the automated publication of management charts.
  • The performance of internal audits enabling operators to know the degree of control of their operations and their compliance with the relevant standards, but also to develop and implement appropriate action plans.