Gabon government’s declaration to have all forest concessions #FSC certified for 2022 is a real opportunity to improve national forests management.

In this aim, the forest ministry initiated a general audit of forest concession’s management documents. This audit will allow forest administration to take appropriate measures to support this progressive certification process.

We are so proud that FSC and the Forest Ministry of Gabon selected us for the project: “Designing tools and method for the analysis of forest management documents to the benefit of the Forest administration officers”

This 2-month project will include:

  • The design of analytical grids dedicated to each key management document (Management plan, fiveyears management plan, Annual operation plans, Biodiversity report, inventory reports, socio-economic studies)
  • The elaboration of a working method to assess those management documents
  • A complete training of a dedicated teams of Forestry officers
  • The Supervision of work on a predetermined number of sample documents
  • Recommendation for a classification system of digitized documents and data

We wish all the best to our consultant #Olivier Desmet and the gabonese forest administration for this exciting mission!