Import solutions for wood, agroforestry & spice products

Working in many countries around the world for over 10 years, Eticwood analyzes and develops the supply chains of many products. Our team then proposes the implementation of import solutions for these products, be it wood, agroforestry products or spices.

Eticwood’s aim is to establish its credibility and its commitment to environmental responsibility by controlling the entire supply chain of its products, from planting to marketing.

Import solutions for wood, agroforestry & spice products

Eticwood helps you to define quality standards and to comply with the most stringent import legislation, such as socio-economic charters.

Our experts take care of sending product samples to professionals all over the world, so that the quality of imported products can be verified and assured.

Eticwood also supports you to set up import-export solutions and dynamics.

Our experts can assist you in the following activities

  • Support for the analysis, quantification and characterization of your wood or agroforestry product needs;
  • Identification of suppliers;
  • Evaluation and design of supply solutions;
  • Evaluation, qualification of suppliers;
  • Analysis of international market trends, identification of risks and opportunities.

In the field of wood materials, Eticwood is associated with Durwood, in order to guarantee a connection between the upstream and downstream wood industry and to operate a logistical platform for importing wood in Europe. This association aims to offer pragmatic wood supply solutions to public and construction companies in line with the most demanding environmental and social standards.

Beyond the implementation of studies and projects, Eticwood transforms the recommendations proposed to its clients into concrete actions. In order to position itself as a real actor in the commercial chains set up with its partners, Eticwood offers wood, agroforestry & spice products that are traceable, legal and in compliance with the certification standards chosen by its clients.

Based on several continents, Eticwood is also your ideal partner to meet your needs in terms of spices (vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper…), dried plants (centella asiatica, sigesbeckia orientalis…) or essential oils (Ylang Ylang, clove, ravintsara, katrafay…), notably from Madagascar and Central Africa.

The above list of products is of course not exhaustive, and our teams are at your disposal to meet your needs.