Environmental services

Eticwood can help you to define your carbon credit certification projects:

  • Afforestation and reforestation projects (ARR);
  • Reducing deforestation and forest degradation projects (REDD).

Once the project is defined, Eticwood suggests a feasibility study to evaluate the sequestration and/or emission reduction potential of your project.

In order to limit the impact of your activities on the environment and the climate, Eticwood offers you technical support and accompanies you in your efforts to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Our experts can carry out for your company :

  • The carbon assessment of your activities;
  • The action plan to reduce emissions that can be avoided;
  • Support for the implementation of the action plan;
  • Proposals for compensation projects for emissions that cannot be avoided;

And for your projects:

  • A carbon assessment of the project (demonstration of a neutral or positive balance).

Eticwood supports the development of REDD + strategies and projects (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, including conservation, sustainable forest management and increasing forest carbon stocks) in forest and agroforestry environments.

Our experts accompany you in the reflection, the choices and the technical implementation of your project. Moreover, they remain at your side for the follow-up of your activity, as well as for its adaptation if it appears necessary.

Eticwood can also support you in setting up planting or forest restoration programmes (make the link with the relevant section).

Our experts also draw up a financing plan to ensure the economic viability of your project as defined above.

After defining your project and carrying out the feasibility study, Eticwood will guide you in the choice of certification standards adapted to your project (VCS, Gold Standard, CBB, etc.) but also in the choice and execution of a methodology recognised by the chosen standard in order to obtain the certification.

Finally, we help you identify financial partners to purchase the carbon credits generated by your project.