Web & mobile solutions


Web & mobile solutions

Eticwood is constantly developing and improving its two business applications for the wood and agroforestry sectors: EticLog® and EticSource®. These applications facilitate the encoding of field data, their processing during the various stages of project implementation and the production of customised reports, as well as optimising the traceability systems for the various products and their history.

Eticwood also assists its clients in their digital transition. To this end, Eticwood is the official distributor of the “Make Your Form” solution, which allows the digitisation, on a mobile support, of the field sheets traditionally used for monitoring, evaluation and quality management, with direct online access to the data collected and their automated processing.

Finally, a secure and personalised space is made available to each of our clients so that they can retrieve at any time all the documents, files, reports or maps produced by Eticwood within the framework of their contract. These documents are accessible for a minimum period of 5 years. To this end, each report and management document includes a QR code that links directly to its downloadable and printable pdf version on the client’s secure space.

Web & mobile solutions

The Eticlog® solution is flexible and can be adapted to our customers’ choice:

  • Encoding of field sheets by an operator from a central computer;
  • Encoding directly from the field via a smartphone and synchronisation with the central database;
  • A combination of both.

Coupled with a barcode printer, the Eticlog® solution, integrating a secure web interface, guarantees you an optimal follow-up and a perfect control of your control chain.

EticLog® is composed of several modules available individually or in combination:

  • The “Logging invetory” module: developed to allow the direct encoding on smartphone of the data of inventories with an immediate accessibility at the office via the web interface allowing the follow-up of the activities and the fast treatment of the information.
  • The “Forest Traceability” module: created to track your logs and their management by the various operators from tracking in the forest to their sale or entry into the factory.
  • The “Factory Traceability” module: allowing you to trace your wood products through to invoicing, to manage the execution of your contracts and to monitor your yields.
  • The “Monitoring” module, configured to encode the various control sheets on a mobile device and send them directly to the centralised database for automated processing and the publication of customised dashboards and summaries.

You work with several producers and you want to ensure the traceability of the production while giving a great importance to the follow-up of the social impact of your projects?

The EticSource® solution allows you to monitor these different parameters and helps you to evaluate the positive impacts of your actions on the daily reality of the growers you work with.

With the EticSource® solution you can:

  • Register your producers with their basic data, the geo-referencing of their plots and the type of products concerned;
  • Manage your farmers’ training courses, including good agricultural practices and standards requirements, and identify active farmers or those who require a follow-up audit;
  • Monitor periodic field audits consisting of estimating the productivity of each plot, recording farming practices (use of phytosanitary products, etc.) but also social responsibility through various indicators (child labour, etc.);
  • Controlling purchases, through the identification of the farmer entered in the system and checking the conformity of the yield with the estimates made during the audits to avoid the entry of uncontrolled products in the supply chain.




Based on its experience in the Congo Basin and Madagascar, Eticwood supports you in setting up “sustainable” agroforestry systems, adapted to local communities, which combine forest and food production and limit the pressure on natural ecosystems. Through our expertise and actions, we aim to facilitate access to local and international markets for the various producers. From project design to market development, including the structuring of value chains, our team will accompany you from the first step to the completion of your agroforestry project.

Our experts and their agronomic advices are also involved in identifying new crops and managing production plots.

Agroforestry Services

“An idea, a large-scale agroforestry project? Eticwood is at your side! “

The development of new areas or the launch of new projects are always motivating, but can be a source of many questions and slow down the investment process. Eticwood’s experts offer you an initial audit of the situation, an analysis of the ecological conditions and a mapping of the actors and stakeholders involved in your activities in order to make concrete and relevant proposals and to accompany you in your investment process and in the elaboration of a business plan. Our network within the major backers also allows us to advise you on the possibilities of (co)financing your shared value projects.

“Accompanying someone means not being in front, not being behind, not being in their place. It is to be alongside. “Joseph Templier

Improving farming practices is an essential step in meeting the social, economic and environmental challenges of this century. Improving yields and product quality as well as reducing environmental impacts and ecological footprints are all subjects that deserve special attention. The Eticwood team is at your side for your agricultural production projects, through the development of technical itineraries, training in advanced techniques, support in the preventive management of diseases, but also the management of your nurseries and your socio-environmental programme.

“Diversification is the key to success

Do you want to start growing new crops or diversify? Through a preliminary opportunity study, our experts will help you identify new crops that are compatible with your situation, your project and your values, and will work with you to draw up a suitable business plan.

This support can be extended to the actual implementation of these new crops and the training of your staff in order to guarantee their proper management.

Eticwood’s philosophy is to offer a responsible and integrated approach that remains consistent throughout the history of your products. To this end, the Eticwood team supports you in identifying new market opportunities and their development, as well as in structuring the supply chain and implementing quality control at each stage of the product’s life. This approach is always implemented with a view to enhancing the socio-environmental impact in the form of certification or labelling (organic, Fair Trade, Prefered by Nature, etc.)

Moreover, with its international network active for more than 10 years, Eticwood can help you establish partnerships with public and private entities for the implementation of your project or the marketing of your products.

These services can be carried out in conjunction with our other activities and can be included in a tailor-made package for our clients.

Environmental services


Environmental services

The carbon sequestration potential and rich biodiversity of forests make them a key player in the fight against climate change. Recognition of the contribution of tropical forests to atmospheric carbon sequestration has led Eticwood to develop expertise in the field of carbon valuation and environmental services. In particular, our team studies the possibilities of valuing the carbon sequestered by agroforestry systems on international carbon markets and supports project leaders, while integrating technical, social, environmental and financial aspects.

In this “Carbon & Environmental Services” perspective, Eticwood offers the following services.

Environmental services

Eticwood can help you to define your carbon credit certification projects:

  • Afforestation and reforestation projects (ARR);
  • Reducing deforestation and forest degradation projects (REDD).

Once the project is defined, Eticwood suggests a feasibility study to evaluate the sequestration and/or emission reduction potential of your project.

In order to limit the impact of your activities on the environment and the climate, Eticwood offers you technical support and accompanies you in your efforts to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

Our experts can carry out for your company :

  • The carbon assessment of your activities;
  • The action plan to reduce emissions that can be avoided;
  • Support for the implementation of the action plan;
  • Proposals for compensation projects for emissions that cannot be avoided;

And for your projects:

  • A carbon assessment of the project (demonstration of a neutral or positive balance).

Eticwood supports the development of REDD + strategies and projects (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation, including conservation, sustainable forest management and increasing forest carbon stocks) in forest and agroforestry environments.

Our experts accompany you in the reflection, the choices and the technical implementation of your project. Moreover, they remain at your side for the follow-up of your activity, as well as for its adaptation if it appears necessary.

Eticwood can also support you in setting up planting or forest restoration programmes (make the link with the relevant section).

Our experts also draw up a financing plan to ensure the economic viability of your project as defined above.

After defining your project and carrying out the feasibility study, Eticwood will guide you in the choice of certification standards adapted to your project (VCS, Gold Standard, CBB, etc.) but also in the choice and execution of a methodology recognised by the chosen standard in order to obtain the certification.

Finally, we help you identify financial partners to purchase the carbon credits generated by your project.

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Import solutions


Import solutions for wood, agroforestry & spice products

Working in many countries around the world for over 10 years, Eticwood analyses and develops the supply chains of many products. Our team then proposes the implementation of import solutions for these products, be it wood, agroforestry products or spices.

Eticwood’s aim is to establish its credibility and its commitment to environmental responsibility by controlling the entire supply chain of its products, from planting to marketing.

Import solutions for wood, agroforestry & spice products

Eticwood helps you to define quality standards and to comply with the most stringent import legislation, such as socio-economic charters.

Our experts take care of sending product samples to professionals all over the world, so that the quality of imported products can be verified and assured.

Eticwood also helps you to set up import-export solutions and dynamics.

Our experts can assist you in the following activities

  • Support for the analysis, quantification and characterisation of your wood or agroforestry product needs;
  • Identification of suppliers;
  • Evaluation and design of supply solutions;
  • Evaluation, qualification of suppliers;
  • Analysis of international market trends, identification of risks and opportunities

In the field of wood materials, Eticwood is associated with Durwood (Durwood – Sustainable Wood – Durwood develops wood treatment techniques for outdoor use), in order to guarantee a connection between the upstream and downstream wood industry and to operate a logistical platform for importing wood in Europe. This association aims to offer pragmatic wood supply solutions to public and construction companies in line with the most demanding environmental and social standards.

Beyond the implementation of studies and projects, Eticwood transforms the recommendations proposed to its clients into concrete actions. In order to position itself as a real actor in the commercial chains set up with its partners, Eticwood offers wood, agroforestry & spice products that are traceable, legal and in compliance with the certification standards chosen by its clients.

Eticwood is FSC™ COC certified so that its customers benefit from wood products offering maximum environmental and social guarantees.

Based on several continents, Eticwood is also your ideal partner to meet your needs in terms of spices (vanilla, cinnamon, black pepper…), dried plants (centella asiatica, sigesbeckia orientalis…) or essential oils (Ylang Ylang, clove, ravintsara, katrafay…), notably from Madagascar and Central Africa.

The above list of products is of course not exhaustive, and our teams are at your disposal to meet your needs.

Restoration of landscapes and ecosystem services ? Carbon capture? Supply of wood for energy or industry? Installation of agroforestry systems?

Eticwood assists you in the implementation of your forest plantation projects and in the restoration of forest ecosystems.

Our experts will support you before and during your plantation project:

  • Identification, research and evaluation of plots for planting;
  • Identification of technical or financial partners;
  • Creation of a plantation or reforestation action plan adapted to the local environmental and socio-economic context;
  • Mapping of ecologically fragile areas, land use, etc. ;
  • Setting up a business plan;
  • Setting up of nurseries and support for planting;
  • Awareness raising and inclusion of local communities.

Certification and quality


Certification and quality

With more than 10 years of international experience, the Eticwood team places particular importance on the traceability of forest and agroforestry products, in order to ensure their quality at any stage of the process. To this end, Eticwood is constantly developing and improving its EticLog® and EticSource® applications to facilitate and optimise this traceability, whatever the context.

Our services also cover the implementation of Legality Verification Systems (LVS) for wood, the conduct of due diligence audits and the support of forest and agroforestry operators or industries in their certification processes.

Certification and quality

Traceability systems are used to provide information on the journey of wood or agroforestry products from the forest or producer, through storage and transport, to the consumer.

These systems make it possible to verify that the raw material of the products comes from legal, responsible or otherwise acceptable sources, and to know the exact history of the product.

Eticwood assists its clients in organising their operational activities and advises them on the most appropriate technologies for recording field information, designing their databases and analysing production data.

In this sense, Eticwood has developed 2 business solutions: Eticlog® and EticSource® in order to ensure the traceability of your forest and agroforestry products in an ergonomic and coherent way.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Eticwood team for a precise diagnosis and to allow us to suggest you the product adapted to your needs!

Eticwood supports forest administrations in the development of their Legality Verification Systems (LVS) and timber traceability control, especially in the framework of the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Our experience in the implementation of the EUTR and FLEGT-VPAs makes Eticwood a partner of choice for producer countries and institutions.

In our view, verifying the origin of a product is more than an eco-responsible approach, it is a civic duty!

Due diligence is a means of identifying and eliminating the potential negative impact on humans and the environment throughout the product chain.

In the context of importing wood, agroforestry or spice products, Eticwood implements due diligence audits for its public and private buyers. Our services cover all stages of the procedure: contacting suppliers and actors in the supply chain, collecting, centralising and analysing all the required documents until an impartial and exhaustive report is produced. This report then becomes a real risk management tool for our clients wishing to respect their civic commitments.

Certification is the best way to promote not only its products, but above all to promote and disseminate the company’s compliance with a set of economic, social and environmental commitments to its customers.

All certifications, in addition to compliance with a set of legal and socio-environmental principles and criteria, require the implementation of a chain of custody. The latter allows to prove the control of the production or the supply of raw materials, but also the complete follow-up of the products until their transformation and marketing.

Eticwood provides a range of services for its customers who wish to become certified or improve their current level of certification.

These services include :

  • Support for Forestry (FSC, Controlled wood, OLB, PAFC Legal source), Agroforestry (RainForest Alliance, Fair Trade, UTZ…) and Chain of Custody (FSC 100%, FSC Mix, PAFC, OLB) certifications according to the expectations and context of each operator. As part of this support, Eticwood can also provide on-site and remote training on all aspects of these certifications.
  • Carrying out exhaustive diagnoses in the forest, in the field or in the factory, leading to the production of precise reports containing a wealth of advice on how to resolve the discrepancies identified or improve our clients’ level of control.
  • Personalised support in the development of pragmatic, relevant and applicable procedure manuals covering all areas of certification, from legal monitoring to monitoring and evaluation, including responsible management, HSE, internal and external social issues and the chain of custody.
  • The implementation of monitoring and assessment programmes (control sheets, definition of monitoring indicators, etc.) as well as databases for the compilation of results and the automated publication of management charts.

The performance of internal audits enabling operators to know the degree of control of their operations and their compliance with the relevant standards, but also to develop and implement appropriate action plans.

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Forest management


Forest management

Eticwood supports public and private stakeholders in the forest management and wood industry sector by offering studies, technical assistances, analyses, advices and trainings.

By covering the entire sector, from the forest to the consumer, our team provides you a complete expertise on the various aspects related to the sustainability of forests and their uses.

Our multidisciplinary team will support you in your approach and implement monitoring methods adapted to your needs and values.

Forest Management Services

“Knowing your resource is the best way not to screw up! “

Quality management inventories are essential for the development of pragmatic and relevant management plans from a responsible management perspective. Eticwood offers to develop, in consultation with its clients, inventory protocols that meet both legal requirements and planning needs. The implementation of these inventories can be monitored by our experts to ensure their smooth running and quality.

Eticwood can also offer you a customised inventory data encoding system that automates processing and saves considerable time in the production of strategic tables.

The module “Management inventory” of the EticLog® software is available for our clients (more information here).

“A Management plans is for at least 20 years. It deserves a quality service! “

Eticwood supports you in the drafting of your management plans so that they constitute real planning and responsible management tools. The set of management measures proposed get along with the expectations and implementation capacities of our clients while respecting the international certification standards.

“The mastery of the socio-economic context and of biodiversity issues are fundamental for responsible management of forest areas.

Eticwood also supports you in the preliminary studies to the elaboration of your management plans. We have the expertise to carry out and monitor:

  • Socio-economic studies, including participatory mapping
  • Biodiversity studies
  • Wildlife protection plans
  • GIS studies, mapping and stratification analyses
  • High Conservation Values studies

“A validated development plan is good! An implemented development plan is better! “

Our experts are at your disposal to analyse your development plans and their implementation. We offer strategic support, structuring and supervision of monitoring systems to enable our clients to follow up on the proper implementation of their forest management: monitoring of production quotas and cutting area limits, compliance with social and environmental commitments, application of reduced impact logging standards, etc.

Eticwood offers technical and regulatory support in the fields of hygiene, health and safety of workers, as well as sustainable environmental management.

In fact, in parallel to our purely “forestry” services, the experience of our collaborators enables them to carry out diagnostics and internal audits on HSE aspects.

These services can be carried out in conjunction with our other activities and can be included in a tailor-made package for our clients.

The identification and interpretation of the High Conservation Values is an important step in the forest certification process, but also, where appropriate, a responsible management approach by the concessionaires involved.

These values fall into six broad categories: biodiversity concentration, large landscape-scale forests, threatened or rare ecosystems, essential ecosystem services, essential community needs and traditional cultural identity.

Based on management documents, extensive literature research and field studies, Eticwood identifies the different HCVs present in its clients’ concessions.

Once these High Conservation Values have been identified, our team suggests appropriate management and monitoring methods to ensure their maintenance or improvement.

The responsible development of forest resources is based on a set of specialised and complementary professions. Eticwood’s in-house and associate trainers provide training for government agencies, forestry companies and forestry-wood sector stakeholders. These training courses cover almost all areas of tropical forestry, from forestry planning to field work, including national and international policies and certification. Depending on the needs, these training courses are carried out in a theoretical manner (forestry legislation, traceability, mapping, certification, etc.) or in a practical manner (logging planning, controlled felling, driving machinery in the forest, optimising lopping, botany, etc.).

We are constantly listening to the needs of our clients and to developments in the sector in order to offer training based on the best current knowledges.

Restoration of landscapes and ecosystem services ? Carbon capture? Supply of wood for energy or industry? Installation of agroforestry systems?

Eticwood assists you in the implementation of your forest plantation projects and in the restoration of forest ecosystems.

Our experts will support you before and during your plantation project:

  • Identification, research and evaluation of plots for planting;
  • Identification of technical or financial partners;
  • Creation of a plantation or reforestation action plan adapted to the local environmental and socio-economic context;
  • Mapping of ecologically fragile areas, land use, etc. ;
  • Setting up a business plan;
  • Setting up of nurseries and support for planting;
  • Awareness raising and inclusion of local communities.