WPP Training in Gabon

Do you know that each logging companies in Gabon has to build and implement a Wildlife Protection Plan (WPP) since the publication of the n°937 decree in 2018?

After writing their WPP, our Forestry Projects Director Julien Philippart, spent two days during its mission in Gabon to train forest management and monitoring teams of two logging companies on their way to FSC® Certification.

On menu :

  • Legality review
  • Tools and principle for context analysis
  • Identification of Key Challenges
  • Definition of the wildlife protection strategy
  • Identification of required actions and responsibilities
  • Design of the monitoring system through relevant KPI

Gabon host today 60% of forest elephants (loxodonta cyclotis) of the Congo Basin and contains important population of endangered species such as low land gorilla, chimpanzee, pangolin or panthera.

Implementation of WPP will actively participate in their conservation!