The traceability of Ugandan vanilla and coffee

Collaboration and mutual enrichment are key values for Eticwood.

Our Agroforestry Director, Hugues Havrez, just spent one week in Uganda with #Enimiro ( This company is dedicated to the production of responsible vanilla and coffee with a strong farmer focus and a full traceability system.

In this mutual collaboration, Eticwood is advising Enimiro on the technical itinerary of a vanilla plantation, while Enimiro is giving insight to Eticwood to its products traceability system.

Based on this exchange of expertise, Eticwood will improve its EticSource® app for its cocoa projects in Cameroon ( PalliscoACEFA and the Cercleducacao) and extend its scope to other products like spices or essential oil in other locations in Africa.

Feel free to contact Hugues for more information about our spices and essential oil solutions!