Our team is growing again! Welcome to Frederic!

Frédéric has experience in Supply Chain development and optimization. He has also a Master in Environmental Management during which he was able to develop his skills in securing responsible procurement and in analysing environmental impacts (such as the life cycle of products). The last years, he got more involved in the fight against food waste working at developing Too Good To Go in Belgium. His dream has always been to work at making food value chains more sustainable working in contact with the field. It seems that he will now have many opportunities to make this dream come true in the coming months.

Within ETICWOOD, Frédéric is responsible for developing and guiding our projects to ensure their sustainability through carbon finance. It also oversees footprint assessments and the definition of environmental compensation modalities. Finally, it supports us in the development of value chains on our agroforestry projects.

Welcome to him again!