Fully vertically integrated, Eticwood offers a range of services and products for the complementary forestry and agroforestry sectors, from preliminary analysis to products marketing.

Eticwood brings its pragmatic vision of sustainability, traceability and digital transition to public, private and institutional actors in the wood, cocoa/coffee/vanilla, spice and perfume plant sectors.

Eticwood also collaborates with industries, administrations and international financial institutions for the realization of studies and projects related to the forestry and agroforestry sectors. These studies cover a wide range of services: project set-up and assessment, feasibility study of industrial projects, increase of profitability of transformation processes, development and assessment of economic models, improvement of social and environmental responsibility, etc.

Finally, Eticwood implements longer term projects aiming at restoring, preserving, managing and valorizing natural resources in a permanent concern of social, economic and environmental responsibility.

  • A European firm, with offices in Belgium and Gabon
  • Studies and projects carried out in more than 20 countries
  • A permanent team of 8 forestry bioengineers, agronomists and field botanists
  • A large network of experts
  • A marketing platform for traceable and responsible wood and agroforestry products
  • A set of digital products

With its integrated approach, Eticwood offers a wide range of services and products in the complementary sectors of forestry and agroforestry. Various sectors such as certification, traceability or the development of digital tools are concerned by this approach

In order to guarantee a connection between the upstream and downstream parts of the wood industry and to operate a logistical platform for wood imports in Europe, Eticwood is associated with Durwood. The ambition of this association is to offer pragmatic wood supply solutions to public and construction companies in line with the most demanding environmental and social standards.

Ecocoa, the chocolate factory owned by Eticwood and Durwood, and based in Belgium, is dedicated to the promotion and the developement of suistainable cocoa origins and other agroforestry products from Eticwood’s field projects.

In addition, the non-profit association Act 4 Wood was created as a result of a partnership between the founders of Durwood, Eticwood and several SNCF executives, with the aim of promoting the use of responsibly sourced timber.

Eticwood is also member of the ATIBT.


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