Based on its experience in the Congo Basin and Madagascar, Eticwood supports you in setting up “sustainable” agroforestry systems, adapted to local communities, which combine forest and food production and limit the pressure on natural ecosystems. Through our expertise and actions, we aim to facilitate access to local and international markets for the various producers. From project design to market development, including the structuring of value chains, our team will support you from the first step to the completion of your agroforestry project.

Our experts are also involved in identifying new crops and managing production plots.

Agroforestry Services

“An idea, a large-scale agroforestry project? Eticwood is at your side! “

The development of new areas or the launch of new projects are always motivating, but can be a source of many questions and slow down the investment process. Eticwood’s experts offer an initial assessment of the situation, an analysis of the ecological conditions and a mapping of the actors and stakeholders involved in your activities. Our experts will then design concrete and relevant proposals, and to support you in the investment process and in the elaboration of a business plan. Our network within the major public donors will be a major asset to advise you on the possibilities to finance projects.

“Accompanying someone means not being in front, not being behind, not being in their place. It is to be alongside. “ Joseph Templier

Improving farming practices is an essential step in meeting the social, economic and environmental challenges of this century. Improving yields and product quality as well as reducing environmental impacts and ecological footprints are all subjects that deserve special attention. The Eticwood team is at your side for your agricultural production projects, through the development of technical itineraries, training in advanced techniques, support in the preventive management of diseases, but also the management of your nurseries and your socio-environmental program.

“Diversification is the key to success”

Do you want to start growing new crops or diversify? Through a preliminary opportunity assessment, our experts will assist you to identify new crops that are compatible with your situation, your project and your values. They will then support you to design a sound business plan.

This support can be extended to the implementation of these new crops and the training of your staff in order to guarantee their appropriate management.

Eticwood’s philosophy is to offer a responsible and integrated approach that remains consistent throughout the history of your products. To this end, our team supports you in identifying new market opportunities and their development, as well as in structuring the supply chain and implementing quality control at each stage of the product’s life. This approach is always implemented with a view to enhancing the socio-environmental impact in the form of certification or labelling (organic, Fair Trade, Prefered by Nature, etc.)

Thanks to our network built up and active for more than 10 years, Eticwood will support you to establish partnerships with public and private entities for the implementation of your project or the marketing of your products.

These services can be carried out in conjunction with our other activities and can be included in a tailor-made package for our clients.