Welcome Marion !

Welcome Maxime !

Mission in Vietnam

50 000 seedlings planted!

Planting season is on !

Welcome Marie !

Welcome Elizabeth !

New Project in Gabon

First mission in Guyana

AFD EU FLEGT Programme

Welcome to Frederic!

Cocoa Beans are coming!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Marie-Jo!

Oils & Spices

Arthur in Liberia!

Eticlog® is in the Air !

Harvest time in Cameroon!

WPP Training in Gabon

Rains are back… Time to plant!

Eticwood & Durwood in Cameroon

Welcome to Olivier!


Gorillas in Dzanga Sanga Park

Dzanga Sanga Park

First Training in Cameroon

Planting Season is Over

Work in Progress

Team Building

Cocoa Tree Pruning

First Mission in RCI

Controlled Felling Training

Eticwood is growing!

A Watchful Eye in the Sky

Ethiopian’s Coffee

The power of Ayous

Libreville’s Office